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Creating New Benchmarks In Quality

Quality Assurance

Neelkanth Cables Limited (NCL) has a strong commitment towards consistent manufacturing of quality wires & cables which are in sync with the stated global compliance and regulation standards. These include regulatory, statutory and ISO 9001:2015 Quality System requirements. These cables not only boast of best quality but our wide range of cables also fulfill all customer’s expectations with reference to the different sectors that it caters. NCL has a unique capability and huge infrastructure to manufacture cables as per multiple specifications which includes ZABS/ SABS/ IEC/ BS/ GBT/ EAC/ KEBS/ TBZ/ UNBS.

Neelkanth Cables rigorous testing regimen for Quality Assurance is testament to our ongoing commitment to product quality and compliance and central to our customer commitment. Our Quality objectives are assigned as a result of the periodic management reviews and through results of internal audits, independent third party audits, changes in applicable legislation or customer requirements, or as part of the ongoing continual internal improvement program. We undertake comprehensive in-production and finished good testing on every batch. Our products are in full compliance with national as well as international standards, and specifications. Quality is maintained through the implementation of Quality Management System such as ISO 9001:2000, and any relevant legal, corporate, customer or other obligations as required and subscribed to by Neelkanth Cables. We are committed to preserve the environment and safety and well-being of employees according to the principles of Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems as set forth in OHSAS 18001.

Our capability for effectively testing for comprehensive range of Low and Medium Voltage cables goes beyond a few quick and simple checks. Since most of our cables provide a critical link for infrastructure and equipment power – our testing covers not only the basic electrical, mechanical and environmental test which includes constructional tests, dimensions, tensile & elongation, conductor resistance, Insulation Resistance Testing, MV/HV Shield Continuity testing and accelerated aging test, but a range of other tests also - like Oxygen Index, Smoke Density and Partial Discharge (PD) testing.

We have come a long way

8 Stage Advanced Quality Check

Neelkanth Cables Ltd has developed a strict 8-STAGE quality control testing procedure which ensures our cables are among the best found anywhere in the world.

A direct result of this is the establishment of one of the most advanced Cable Testing Labs equipped with the latest testing equipment and setup as part of our Manufacturing Plant wherein all our cables are tested for mandatory test requirements.


COPPER ROD MANUFACTURING In house Cu rod manufacture High Conductivity 102% High Ductility Purity 99.99%


PVC COMPOUND MANUFACTURING In house PVC Manufacture Insulation Resistance, Thermal stability Virgin PVC and no recycle PVC


OTHER INPUT RAW MATERIALS Electrical/Mechanical and Physical properties as per related Standards


CONDUCTOR MAKING In house conductor resistance checking Ductility


INSULATION EXTRUSION PROCESS Insulation Resistance and Thickness Inline Insulation “Measurement and Control” through complete length


CABLE BUILT UP PROCESS In process Quality “Measurement and Control” as per relevant Standards


FINISHED GOODS TESTING Type and Routine Tests Acceptance Test as required


PACKAGING & STORAGE In house Drum making Steel & Wood As per MSDS Norms

System certification

Product certification

Creating Difference With Assistance And Beyond

Technical Service and Support

The extensive technical resources at Neelkanth Cables Limited ensure that the product meets the precise performance requirements of customers and the industry, in all types of environments.

At Neelkanth Cables the technical support team does not stop at just creating the successful design and production of the cable. Technical staff are available to assist and provide expert solutions to all types of cable issues and requirements under their consultative cable advisory service .