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Neelkanth Cables Ltd., incorporated in the year 2015 , headquartered at Ndola, Zambia, in the Copperbelt Province, is one of the leading Cable Manufacturing companies in Africa. It has emerged as a partner of Trust offering an extensive range of cable solutions across industry sectors conforming to the stringent SANS:1507, ZS-688, & BS 6346 standards.


These Low Voltage Cables are manufactured in both Copper and Aluminum conductors, these are Solid Stranded conductors, PVC/ XLPE Insulated, Armored/ Unarmored with Uo/U ranging from 300/500V up to 1900/3300 V. These are used in applications such as phones, intercoms, internet, etc.

LV Range


These Medium Voltage Single Core & Three Cores Cables are designed for Electricity Power Distribution Suitable for Installation in Power Supply Stations, Commercial, Industrial and Urban Residential Networks, Indoors and in Cable Ducts, Outdoors, Undergrounds and as well as for Installation on Cable Trays for industries, Switchboards and power stations with Nominal Voltage Uo/U Ranging from 3.6/6 to 19/33 kv.

MV Range


Aerial Bunch Overhead Transmission Line Conductors overhead power lines are made by using several insulated phase conductors bundled tightly together. These provide higher safety and reliability in the overhead distribution system. It also prevents lower power losses and reduces installation, maintenance and operation cost.



We understand the technicalities of working with copper, a softer metal than steel, and one that requires some extra skill in fabricating busbars. Our production team holds expertise in this and manufactures Copper Rods, Busbars and strips of great quality.

The Copper Rods are 7.50 mm & 8.0 mm high conductivity Oxygen free (OFE) Annealed continuous cast copper rods in round shape.The raw material is pure copper cathode of grade "A" with purity of 99.99% according to ASTM B-49 15a. The Busbars & Strips are high conductivity Oxygen free (OFE) Annealed Soft copper busbars & strips with slightly round edge.The raw material is pure copper cathode of grade "A" with purity of 99.99% according to BS 1432,1433. JIS-3140, ASTM B187.