Entrance/Admission Tests

Eduquity is the most trusted name for End to End Entrance Examination solutions. Many of the most reputed Universities and Premier Education Institutions in India and abroad trust us over decades for the smooth conducting of their admission entrance examinations over decades. There is next to none with our understanding in the sector and we boast of some of the longest associations within this industry.

How Does Online Result Management Software Help To Gear Up The Evaluation Process?

Exams are an important aspect of the educational process and the student’s career. These are the instruments that are used to assess the progress and efficacy of instructional methods and activities. Exams are as difficult for instructors and authorities as they are for students, for several reasons.

Conventional exam and student result management systems necessitate a large number of answer sheets, which are hard to handle and subject to dangers such as broken or lost response scripts. The resulting method needs manual filtering, review, and protection, raising the danger of mistakes and inaccuracies, as well as security flaws, and potentially delaying the announcement of the outcomes.

And here's where Eduquity plays a vital role in providing the best assessment of the online process of result evaluation. Switching to an exam results analysis software for processing student results instead of the conventional system that is in place now is what we do. There are a lot of benefits for educational institutions and testing bodies when they use online result management systems. People who work for the school, like administrators, can now spend their time on more important things, like planning and organizing work. Our on-screen marking solution, EduMarker, allows the administrators to allocate answer sheets to checkers and get online updates on how many answer copies each checker has looked at.