Edu Proctor- EDUQUITY’s Remote Proctored Examination Solutions

The need to conduct examinations remotely is becoming a basic requirement for Educational Institutions. As the number of online classes and degree programs increase, educators must wrestle with the challenges of maintaining both exam and institutional integrity. That’s where Eduquity Remote Proctored Examination Solutions come in handy. Our AI-based and blended live proctoring deliver the highest level of accuracy, security and scalability. It offers an affordable single solution for multiple proctoring environments -automated, manual, blended. This helps institutions the highest level of security with continuous identification verification and a sensitivity that detects and deters examination misconduct while enhancing accuracy of results.

An exam delivered with remote proctoring enables a candidate to take the exam in an appropriate location of their choice, but at a fixed time and with a fixed duration. The exam is overseen by a “Remote Proctor”- who observes the candidate throughout their test to ensure compliance with testing conditions.

The system also provides a rich set of features for invigilators to monitor candidates and take appropriate actions. Eduquity Remote Assessment solutions supports multiple question types and gives an opportunity for the exam conducting authorities to evaluate students using MCQs, subjective questions and diagrams. It also provides the ability to create question papers quickly and maintain them in an encrypted form, till they are shared with students just-in-time for the exam.

EDUPROCTOR exam suite is Eduquity’s response to one of the most pressing needs of Education Institutions, Universities and Certification Agencies - How to ensure Integrity of Remote Proctored Examinations?

Eduquity is the most trusted name for End to End Entrance Examination solutions. Many of the most reputed Universities and Premier Education Institutions in India and abroad trust us for decades for smooth conducting of their admission entrance examinations over decades. Our understanding of the sector is next to none and we boast of some of the longest associations within this industry.

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EduProctor | Digitalizing your Examination Process


Reduction in Cost of Conducting Examinations


Student Convenience


Question Paper Security and Examination Integrity


Institutional Brand


Saving in time and effort of key stakeholders

(COE, Question Paper Setters, SME, Evaluators, Moderators, IT and Examination Office Staff)
Eduproctor | The Complete Multi-module Digital Examination Solution

Eduproctor is a complete multi-module digital examination solution that will help you to transition your paper-based manual examination workflows into a digital mode. With Eduproctor you can digitalize all three phases (pre, during and post) of your examination process!


Test Phase
  • Student Registration
  • Exam Scheduling
  • Question Paper Management
  • Question Bank Managment
  • Communication & Training


Test Phase
  • Conducting Test
  • Proctoring
  • Test Reschedule Management
  • During Notifications
  • Helpdesk & Support


Test Phase
  • Answer Paper Evalution
  • Result Processing & Declaration
  • Answer Paper Re-Evalution
  • Test & Performance Analytics
  • Data Archival