EduMarker- Onscreen Marking Solutions

Most Universities/ Institutes in India & abroad conduct descriptive exam to evaluate students. To answer these descriptive questions, student organizes idea and supports these ideas with examples or evidence. The reliability of evaluation and marking depends on the degree of consistency at which the evaluators mark the answer scripts.

EduMarker enables digitization of physical Answer Copy to electronic form through scanned images and makes available all the pages, answers, tabulated reports online to evaluator, administrator and student. EduMarker combines the ease of manual evaluation with the flexibility, accuracy and control of computer based systems.

The platform enables the Administrator to assign Answer Copy to Evaluators and provides online reports on number of answer copies being examined by individual evaluator. The EduMarker system enables Evaluators to mark, comment, and overwrite on the digital answer copy as they do on manual answer copies.

EduMarker frees Evaluators from carrying assigned answer copies, making tabulation and reports, enable evaluation of answer copy at individual convenience and pace.

The same answer script can be reassigned to any number of evaluators without other evaluator being aware of it. This ensures a fair system of multi-level evaluation and any notable difference in marking by different evaluators are flagged.

EduMarker being an in-house designed product offers ample scope for customization to fit to the exact requirements of the client.

Benefits Of EduMarker

EduMarker has direct benefits in introducing process efficiencies for various stakeholders and its impact on the overall Evaluation process is significant in ensuring quality and maintaining standards. Some of the key benefits for various stakeholders is highlighted herein below:

Benefits for management
  • Transparency
  • Legal Compliance
  • Real time reports for process monitoring and control.
  • Access to a larger pool of examiners at a reduced cost.
Benefits for the Students
  • Increased Transparency and better confidence levels on the quality of marking
  • Improved accuracy and reliability of marking
  • Reduced Time to result
  • Easier and Quicker Revaluation process
Benefits for the faculty
  • Improved Quality of Marking - Elimination of errors associated with manual mark calculation and recording processes
  • Convenience of checking answer scripts anytime anywhere
  • Access to marking guidance on demand.
  • Options for whole script marking as well as specialized marking formats enabling markers to focus on specific questions rather than mark the whole script.
Process Flow