Based on the GRE-model for Graduates, EGAT tests Verbal, Quantitative and Analytical/Logical Reasoning abilities. Items are developed by Subject-matter Experts depending on the level of difficulty required and population taking the tests.

ESAT is the conceptual assessment model based on research and practical experience, which identifies sales-specific core personality strengths and basic skills as the basis for one’s effective performance on any front-line sales role

e-Skill Check tests different parameters required for many roles where ability to listen and act, basic numerical skills, English grammar and Typing skills are required. The tests are customizable based on the roles being assessed for

The Eduquity Competency Assessment Battery [ECAB] incorporates both Cognitive (Skills and Abilities) and Non-Cognitive assessment (Personality and Emotional Intelligence) in one single assessment.

The “WORKPLACE COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT” (e-WPC) assesses 10 critical competencies required in most working environments.

The Managerial Leadership Assessment provides for a four-tiered approach that helps professionals understand and help develop both strong managerial and leadership skills. There are 16 factors measured, falling under 4 dimensions, each broadly classified under Task and People Orientation. It is suited for all managers and supervisors.

Eduquity’s Customer Service Orientation [e-CSO] assessment involves a comprehensive behavioral assessment of the individual’s behavioral abilities in managing customer interactions, especially in client-facing roles.

360 degree feedback is a powerful tool that allows organizations to provide their executives feedback from those who work with them—peers, supervisors, reportees and also inputs from key external stakeholders, where required. The feedback is confidential and completely online and based on select competencies that are customizable.

"If Personality tells you what you can do, Emotional Intelligence tells you what you are likely to do". This inventory assesses 12 Personality factors and 5 Emotional Intelligence factors.

Employee Engagement is a powerful sub-set of employee satisfaction. The Eduquity Employee Opinion Survey is an online diagnostic tool for collating and analyzing group opinions and perceptions from employees in a relatively short time-frame and effort.

Entrepreneurial Profile is a behavioral profiling tool that is focused on assessing the behavioral attributes necessary for a successful Entrepreneur. The test has been Developed based on extensive research. The behavioral traits assessed have been grouped under personality traits and essential skills