Solution We Provide

Cabling & Networking Solutions

We are one of the leading companies which offer our customers all types of wiring , cabling & networking solution. Our Solutions include wires for domestic , residential , commercial building & industrial solutions . We also offer networking solutions for all types of IT/ITES , infrastructure & datacenter solutions . Our offer includes specialized & custom made offers as well if specially required by the customers.

Lighting Solutions

Energy, Industrial Automation & LV Solutions

We are one of the leading companies which offer all types of Energy Industrial Solutions. Our Energy Solutions includes switching , control, protection & safety equipments to make all the installations safe to operate.

Our Energy solutions offers includes Miniature Circuit Breakers( MCB’s) , Moulded Case Circuit Breakers ( MCCB’s) , Air Circuit Breakers ( ACB’s) , Power & Control Contactors , Customized LV Distribution & Control Panels & Enclosures.

Our Solutions also includes control , protection , Sensing & automation solutions like , Industrial Starters , Contactors , Sensors, Limit Switches , Machine Safety devices ,safety relays , Variable Speed Drives , PLC’s .

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