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Cable systems

Our services include the development and production of electrical systems as well as complex cabling solutions and wiring that function even under the most demanding operational conditions.

Prefabricated cables
  • Connecting cables
  • Adapter cables
  • Flat cables
  • High-voltage cable harnesses
  • Battery cables
  • Instrument wiring
  • Cable harnesses


LEONI cable systems offer you special, individual cabling, suitable for extreme operating conditions, to ensure the long term transmission of energy and signal data.


  • Automotive cables
  • High-temperature cables
  • Coaxial cables
  • Control cables
  • Single-core cables H05, H07


Printed wires

  • of PVC cable
  • of PTFE cable using plasma pre-treatment



  • Partial strip
  • Full strip
  • Tin-plated
  • Crimped terminals



  • ring bundled
  • on PVC coils
  • on cardboard core

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